Hello, my name is Jelle Vermandere

I am Jelle Vermandere, someone who can't go a day without creating something. Most of the time, it's something digital. Be it renderings, animations or games, I am always looking for the next challenge. Currently working on my PhD in engineering.

Jelle Vermandere

I make video games

I really enjoy making video games. They allow me to merge all my different interests into one finished product. Most of them are playable for free.

Have a look at some of my released games:

Bike Up 80s Game Mini Robot Arm
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I am doing research

I'm currently hard at work researching a PhD in engineering. Take a look at some of the things I developped:

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I've made other things too

Over the years I've completed different client projects, going from simple 3D images to full online games. Resulting in a nice portfolio.

Have a look at some of my best work:

Light Deejays Dynamo Pro Inline Skating
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And I make Youtube videos!

I make videos about all my various projects, click the play button to find out more:

Contact me!

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